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Snowflake by Periphone Snowflake :iconperiphone:Periphone 63 17 Kanagi Zen (Random Sketch) by Periphone Kanagi Zen (Random Sketch) :iconperiphone:Periphone 48 13 Male Verthellite Berzerker (concept armor) by Periphone Male Verthellite Berzerker (concept armor) :iconperiphone:Periphone 18 11 Demonic Cavalry's Royal Guards f  (concept armor) by Periphone Demonic Cavalry's Royal Guards f (concept armor) :iconperiphone:Periphone 23 13 Valkyrie Theavencian Armor. (Concept armor) by Periphone Valkyrie Theavencian Armor. (Concept armor) :iconperiphone:Periphone 66 25 Back in Action. by Periphone Back in Action. :iconperiphone:Periphone 31 3 Sunday Morning (not really sunday) by Periphone Sunday Morning (not really sunday) :iconperiphone:Periphone 37 9 Princess Juggernaut by Periphone Princess Juggernaut :iconperiphone:Periphone 37 7 30 years in prison? by Periphone 30 years in prison? :iconperiphone:Periphone 26 5 An old character design sheet. by Periphone An old character design sheet. :iconperiphone:Periphone 9 1 Lieutenant Ibuki by Periphone Lieutenant Ibuki :iconperiphone:Periphone 81 12 Anime guy sketch something something by Periphone Anime guy sketch something something :iconperiphone:Periphone 25 4 My current thought process. by Periphone My current thought process. :iconperiphone:Periphone 62 29 Maid Generic Waifu with glasses. by Periphone Maid Generic Waifu with glasses. :iconperiphone:Periphone 67 7 Short Comic (part 1) by Periphone Short Comic (part 1) :iconperiphone:Periphone 12 3 Original Nekomimi by Periphone Original Nekomimi :iconperiphone:Periphone 66 16
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The winter snow is ready to set in, and your plans for later is on time. But at the very corner of your eye, you see her, sitting on a park bench. Looking like a person you shouldn't be concerned or worry, after all you were looking forward to this rest. But somehow, something made you feel like she shouldn't be left alone. And despite your mind saying that the food is getting cold or your favorite show is about to start. You walk up in front of her, she was looking intently on the ground as if she was contemplating about a memory. You ask her what was she doing, but to your surprise she bolted back and fell into the ground behind her. Snow covering her hair and her frail body tries to escape the ever growing pile of ice. You help her up, but then she started laughing and not long so did you. Afterwards, she sat down. Not knowing what to do you sat beside her in an attempt to comfort her. You asked her that shouldn't she be with her family during this time of the year. But her smile from before turned to a sad one as she then tells you that it's the same as last year. Hearing those words you felt like you hit a landmine. The same emotion that you feel when somebody you hold dear and look up to doesn't even want to see you, what more on this day. You were no different, you always celebrated alone ever since you left the comfort of your family. You could no longer recall the happy faces and those unforgettable memories when you were together with them. You look at her and asked that if you don't have anyone to celebrate with we can do it together.

Pull yourself together is what you told yourself, you just met her and you don't know a thing about her. In embarrassment you look away, but turning slightly seeing her face, she was glowing in her eyes. A face that just tells you that she wanted to but wanted to confirm what she heard was right. You told her that you've always celebrated alone and you got a lot of food in your place. You stood up and tell her that she shouldn't celebrate this day alone, but instead with you. You reach out your hand and at that moment your brain took a picture of her as she stood up and the snow started to gently fall down again.
With a soft voice with her hand clutched to her chest, she tells you. "Really?" And from there your heart skipped a beat and you assure her an answer and as you walked home together you never knew that this day was the most important day you ever had.

What do you guys think? I just thought of giving a small background about this small drawing that I made, in hopes that it doesn't just stand there as another drawing like any other. She deserves one at least, after all a waifu in need is a waifu indeed.
Anway, I'll see you folks later, I have somethings to catch up to. So as always, Hope you guys have a great time. (^-^)/

ps. I get it that it's summer, this one is just to cool my head off after the constant heat I'm being subjected to -.-
Kanagi Zen (Random Sketch)
Okay. This one isn't related to my stories or lore... Yet. (I don't know where to put her)

I took some inspiration from the Fire Emblem games when I drew her.
I still don't know what got into me when I decided to draw her though, I was supposed to do another lore character sketch but I guess this is a good change of pace.
This one may not even work their way to my story due to how different my intention was for her. She can pass based on her armor to a certain army but I don't really
want her to be part of it. Maybe incorporated in some way but not really in a big way... I don't know. 
She has a good design and potential. But I can't seem to understand why I even started drawing her in the first place.
Maybe this drawing is destined for something bigger or something. idk. wth am I supposed to do?

As for her name, Kanagi Zen. Kanagi was the first name that popped in my mind for some reason. For her last name I really think she's the calm type so the name Zen latched on.

I'll think about it for now, but I guess till then we part ways till monday where I would probably post a new drawing or something. See ya till then netizens,
Male Verthellite Berzerker (concept armor)
Verthell has been known as a powerhouse in terms of physical attacks. Even their magic focuses around the use of powerful enhancer moves.
The Frontline command units known as the Berzerker is the counterpart against the Theavencian Valkyrie and is all about raw physical strength.
They are breakthrough units allowing soldiers to overcome enemy defenses as Berzerkers pave the way. 

Although mighty, the Berzerkers are naturally weak against any unit that proves slippery (damn angels and their wings). 
At most their best bet against flying targets is lobbing a huge spear or anything at the damn flyers...
(get down here and fight me like a real man you oversized pidgoen!)

*clears throat* Nevertheless any unit that is unfortunate enough to be on a Berzerkers path is rather unlucky. And unlike their Valkyrie counterparts. Berzerkers can use more than one weapon at a time rather than the Valkyrie relying on a great sword. They range from Huge battle axes and hammers, incredibly over sized swords, bludgeoning dual gaunts, and their favorites, the demonic Lance and Pikes.
As a weapon advantage can easily overcome a valkyrie, but the valkyrie has more magic than them so yeah, that's the angel's upperhand.

In the current days, the Berzerkers are a disappearing kind of soldier being replaced by the new military lieutenants. Their contributions in history proved dominant that akin to the Japanese Samurai as the fighter supreme on Verthell's golden years. This rather alarming drop of Berzerkers is rather upsetting, but has a reason. The Theavencian's increased research and use of new defensive magic proved superior to the Berzerkers physical magic and strength. And naturally became rather useless in the advancing battlefield whilst the Valkyrie are currently growing. As unfortunate as it may be, their kind is estimated to be gone in just a few more years, long enough to see the last Berzerker retire from their mighty, and incredible history.

Final notes on the berzerkers, they don't really issue commands per say, they rarely do. But troops follow behind them as they lead the charge.
Their trust on their physical strength gave the men the morale they needed to overcome any obstacle. The new lieutenants don't necessarily do the same, as they issue commands more than their predecessors. And mostly avoid getting their hands dirty most of the time. (damn cowards)

Sorry this isn't as long as the other lore bits, but considering that it's just talking about the Berzerkers which has no other connections rather than being frontline soldiers and a dying one at that. This is as much as I can muster out of them, but do feel free to ask more about these guys if you want. I am very obliged to answer your questions. :D
Demonic Cavalry's Royal Guards f (concept armor)
Okay, let me just clarify what the name means.

You know how a lot of noble men or women, and maybe members of the royal family
tend to get involve in a battle one way or another. And not saying some of them are incompetent
leaders when it comes to commanding troops. There are a lot of great demonic leaders that served 
Verthell and became legends for it. However we refer to the other lot of fools who charge in recklessly
into battle and inevitably meet their grim fate cause they just couldn't keep their sword in their pants.
As you can see this doesn't really help the army's moral who break after seeing their brains for gone
leader get chopped off into many pieces. 

It also didn't help that their numbers were staggering during those days as well. In a realm kingdom
as big as a, well, a whole solar system, you tend to have a numerical number of idiots in noble families that number in
the thousands. And yes, there were thousands upon thousands of noble families in Verthell.

But also a lot of them are dying needlessly in battles. Sometimes they were the first casualties.
So to help aid their special liter of idiots. The Royal Government and the surrounding city governments,
decided to create their own babysitte... I meant, the Order of the Realm's Reach.
Which is in short, a very powerful kind of royal guard, branched of the main sect.

These special units are ordered to protect their assigned royal or noble superiors, at all costs.
So basically giving your life for an idiot. But there is an upside, they can decide not to follow given instructions
given to them by their slightly challenged leader. But they still have to protect them at all costs.
And what do you know, the City Independence treaty, and the
establishment of the Order of the Realm's Reach. The number of their bone headed casualties fell by such a significant amount that
nobles are willing to pay more to have added Royal Guards to their protection, even stationing them as their own personal body guards.

Now, moving on to small details.
You remember how I told you about the way that armor is treated in my story.
Needless, since everyone can cast some sort of a variant on defense magic for protection.
But not these guys, the few exceptions are them. 
With armor oozing with magical powers, they were like tanks and are known to decimate whole platoons
if not dealt with. It takes a good strategy to take one of them down.
Also, if you were wondering why they are not just as many of them, you should know that not everyone 
is capable of casting or handling magic at that high a dose. It can kill with an overload, and countless
wannabe foot soldiers die trying. While there are numerous soldiers in their respective realms, ranging with populations in the trillions.
It must come as a surprise that there are only as few as 30 that are compatible with high dose magic exposure on these soldiers every 3 years. 
And not all of them wanted to be in the Royal Guard to begin with. With that in mind, they are the smallest in terms of the different segments
in the military that serve, but never underestimated.

Also about the City Independence treaty (read off if you are not interested with demonic and angelic political problems)
If you ever consider two solar system sized realm kingdoms, with populations of both reaching uncountable people.
You are bound to have some of them hate the other and from there conflict will arise. Before the treaty, two small cities can bring the whole
kingdoms to war. Even though their neighbors didn't really have a conflict to begin with. That was the problem with their old written laws, that
the whole kingdom must wage into battle if their territories are threatened. But after a lot of talks with either sides, they have established the
City Independence Treaty. Basically the whole agreement states that all cities will become city states independent on their own diplomatic actions.
However they must still swear loyalty to the Central Government to still have them supported by it. Which also means that two cities can kill each other
without having every side bring out their whole armies. Also that Angel vs Angel became a thing and soon a lot of them had small civil wars.
At first the establishment of borders between neighboring cities was a problem when it's said that borders are established based on the city's outcome.
Of course military excelled cities are not really known for their agreement to such a thing so they started conquering. With that in mind they implemented 
that the Royal guards of respective side will actually put down a power hungry cities that decided to go on a conquer spree. Yes, both Demon and Angelic Royal guards
will descend (or ascend depending on which side) upon any army who starts rampaging. And no one wanted to mess with the royal guards. Let alone of the two kingdoms.

So these are the set of rules which each city in conflict must follow to avoid the butt spanking of their lives.
1. Cities at war must attempt till the end of using peaceful resolutions other than conflict.
2. Cities who failed at the first must only fight their battles on set battle areas on the borders of each kingdom and will be watched over by their respective superiors.
3. Cities cannot go to war for the next 2 years after their last one.
4. Cities who manages to win is not permitted to cross over the city defeated. Only Ambassadors.
5. Cities who are victorious will have their demands favored over a city that of which is defeated, but will be governed by a respected representative to oversee demands.
6. The reason and statement must be sent in written form to their respective governments before conflict ensues
7. Although several cities are allowed to be allied, it cannot be more than 10 cities with 3 supporting cities.
8. Cities are not allowed to go into conflict with cities belonging to their respective Central Governments. (anti-civil war)
9. Cities declaring neutrality cannot engage, support, and start their own conflicts. But in return will be protected by the Central Government.

There are a lot more to list, but I wrote down the important parts but the last one states.

Those who do not follow the given regulations will be severely punished.

Basically calling the big boys to take care of your rebelling ass.

Anyway, I hope you guys like bits of the lore I have for today, and with plenty more to come.
Who knew I would go into detail about a law that doesn't even exist.
Welp, off to draw more and possible write more.
If you have questions you can always leave it in the comments and I'll try to answer your desire for fictional knowledge.
But aside from that, there is so much things to write down but I'm too lazy for which topic to cover so I'm just here for that.
Anyways, have a nice day and may luck and wisdom beseech thee random watcher.
Valkyrie Theavencian Armor. (Concept armor)
Okay, Here it goes.
I know what you are thinking,
That's less armor than it should be.
Think of it this way, Heaven is having a lack
of required metals to supply their billion
man army of angels. Since they mostly rely
their divine magic. It's practically reasonable
for them to use less armor to maneuver.
And since most of them can cast iron skin
magic which basically makes them 
bullet proof, heavy armor is left to those that
actually have magic residing in armor.
Basically like a a cursed magic, or some sort 
of divine blessed armor. Aside from that, it's pointless to wear armor
in Heaven's wars since demons can just tap in to the life force

directly and kill them regardless of their mineral based protection....
Or that's how it should be according to my

own personal lore. o.o

The Valkyrie in this story is more on the front line just a rank higher than a common foot soldier.
But regardless of their rather low ranks, they are undeniably powerful in the battlefield.
And most of them easily rise through the ranks to become higher officials.
So yeah, they are more common than usual, except the fact only females 
can be Valkyrie, obviously. 
Males are mainly called Knights.
Yeah, males are rather lame and not really as strong as their Valkyrie counterparts.
The male demonic counterpart of them is called a Berserker.
Berserkers are more prominent in Hell and can only be held by males.

Hope you like that little lie I made to sell this
really simple concept drawing of a tHEAVENcian Valkyrie armor.

Yeah, that's what I call Heaven in my little story, Theavencia. And I call Hell, Verthell.

Tell me what you guys think,
if actually read this far down on my "short" description
of a new story I'm unfolding. And as always.

Have a nice day.  


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